Front End Developer for Web and Mobile


  • We are in the process of re-designing our website and landing pages with improved upload speed and tracking, in the next few months

Required Soft Skills

  • Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills for articulating ideas and collaborating with clients and team members.
  • Problem-Solving: Ability to quickly find solutions to design challenges and technical issues.
  • Attention to Detail: Precision in design elements, from typography to spacing to color schemes.
  • Time Management: Managing multiple projects and deadlines efficiently.
  • Self-Motivation: Finding internal drive to start and continue work without external prodding, especially working in an all-remote team.

Required Hard Skills

  • Agile/SCRUM with Trello (no specific certifications)
  • WordPress design with Elementor and WPBakery
  • Website hosting and domain registering
  • Web Performance Optimization
  • Google Tags
  • Facebook Ads Tracking
  • Slack
  • (optional) Zoho CRM

Responsibilities (Executor)

  • Hosting and domain setting
  • Designing of landing pages
  • Tracking snippets inclusion and testing
  • Using Trello for agile sprints

Accountabilities (Owner)

  • To be defined after the conclusion of first project together

Additional requirements

  • We are a small team of 5 people working remotely from London, often we collaborate on a project / sprint basis, so you need to be confortable in this setting, that we find great for the freedom that brings
  • You should have a minimum experience in similar positions of 5 years


  • Fluent English
  • (optional) Fluent Italian

Expected Working Hours per Week

  • Agile/SCRUM cerimonies (Team&Project Setup, Project Backlog Grooming & Sprint Planning, Daily Standups, Sprint Review & Retrospective): 4 hours
  • Availability for web-designing work in a 1-week Agile Sprint: variable between 10 and 20 hours

Payment Terms

  • We offer competitive hourly rates for this position, rising depending on experience
  • Payments are processed post-sprint or post-project conclusion


  • We work 9:00-16:00 in the Greenwich Mean Time (also known as Western European Time or UTC+0 or London time)
  • You should be available 2 hours in this range, the rest will be asynchronous communication in Slack

Expected Response Time

  • During the 2 hours of overlap with our London working hours, we expect you to react in 15 minutes
  • During the rest of your working day, it depends on your timezone

Required documents to sign

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for V12 MANAGEMENT Sub-Contractors

Start date

  • We expect to finish the recruitment process at the end of April 2024

Who we are

  • V12 Management Ltd ( was founded by Filippo Giordano. Now we are a small team of 5 people working remotely from London. We work in the secretarial, accounting and management consulting sector, helping European entrepreneurs to do business in the UK. We are passionate, we are remote, we are free !

Our Core Principles

Freedom and Fulfillment

  • As an all-remote company, we empower each individual to work and live in the way that brings them the most fulfillment.
  • We value a deep passion for one’s work, encouraging individuals to pursue what they love or explore alternative paths.
  • We embrace asynchronous communication, prioritizing messages over meetings, to improve efficiency, reduce stress, and align with our all-remote way of work and life.
  • We embrace the concept of Ikigai, where one finds purpose by aligning what they love, what the world needs, what they can be paid for, and what they are good at.
  • Our focus is on delivering real value by prioritizing what truly matters and automating tasks that can be streamlined.

Culture and Rules

  • We celebrate and appreciate the beauty of diversity and cultural differences.
  • Our culture is non-judgmental and focused on results, embracing mistakes as opportunities.
  • Rules, systems, and structures simplify and enhance everyone’s work experience.
  • We adopt agile practices that align with our core values.

Hiring process

The process of hiring will look like this:

  • We get your application
  • We review your profile comparing it to the job opportunity
  • We invite you to a personal video interview (camera required)
  • We start with a short quiz assessment and continue chatting for 30 minutes
  • Both you and we decide if we want to work together
  • You sign an NDA and we work together for a trial period

Author: Filippo
Nato a Bologna nel 1975, laureato in Ingegneria Meccaninca all'Università di Bologna, si trasferisce a Londra dopo 10 anni di carriera da manager nell'industria automobilistica, per fondare V12 Management.